“This walk in the park is no walk in the park”. So says the first you pass on the trail.

I recall raising an eyebrow at this; dressed as though I was about to head out shopping in town with some token walking boots on to look the part, with a pounding head having been lured into a night out the day before, we set off.

I’d been expecting – I don’t know – a few hours of light walking along a nice ridge perhaps, some views into the town of Squamish.

The reality was very different! Half an hour and some sweaty uphill marching later, I’d developed a second heartbeat in my head and was wondering which way my hangover would take me. I was far from well prepared!

It cleared though, and some walk it turned out to be. These views made it well worth all the scrambling, falling, breath-holding moments climbing some dicey looking ladders and almost getting caught out by the setting sun.